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Music (composer Surov Denis)

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Music for movies, games, commercials, cartoons

Surov Denis is a composer for movies, games, cartoons and TV. I write music, songs, create sound effects.

Do you need a composer for your new project? I can help you to create the best soundtrack! You can contact me at: anorenor@gmail.com

Track Name Cost Preview
Dramatic Orchestra                                     Cinematic US$30.00
Epic Melodic US$30.00
Cinematic Orchestra US$30.00
Epic Battle US$30.00
Epic Adventure US$30.00
Orchestral Adventure US$30.00
Modern Action US$30.00
Choral Epic US$30.00
Epic Trailer US$30.00
Electronic Trailer US$30.00
Modern Trailer US$30.00
Drama US$30.00
Modern US$30.00
Thriller US$30.00
Mystic US$30.00
Heroic US$30.00
Action US$30.00
Not available for download. Epic US$30.00
Battle US$30.00
Struggle US$30.00
African US$30.00
Adventure                                                   Positive US$30.00
Sneaking US$30.00
Happiness US$30.00
Comical US$30.00
Playful US$30.00
Commercial US$30.00
After Life                                                       Rock US$30.00
Chase US$30.00
A Nice Day US$30.00
Speed US$30.00
Corporate US$30.00